From the moped humming along at twenty-five miles per hour through downtown byways, all the way to the screaming-loud dirt bike popping a wheelie in the middle of the freeway, you gotta love bikes.

Luckily, these biker chicks don’t appear too eager to zip into your blind spot or swerve recklessly in and out of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Quick’s the action when you’re on a bike, but after you dismount, be sure to lean nonchalantly on the side of a building or even try being nice to animals, as a kind gesture can make it appear as if you have a wide range of skills, ranging from unmovable biker to softie puppy owner.

Follow these biker guidelines and you will come off as extremely cool to most any passerby on wheels, be they the dude in the compact or the mom with a stroller.

Heck. The guy in the truck may even look down from his perch in envy. Or maybe he’s just making sure he sees you.

For your challenge today, do a drawing of a bike or biker… or both. In defining the term “bike,” as long as it has two wheels and a motor, it qualifies!

October 3, 2017

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