My name is H. G. Dennis, and I am an independent artist, illustrator and cartoonist.

Inspired largely by my travels, I’ve lived in over five states as well as merry old England and I love visiting Canada. I spent weeks at a timeĀ in the car throughout the course of my childhood, bumping along, moving from place to place with my family. However, if we weren’t riding around, we were adventuring in nearby cities and towns. This time of exploration allowed me to create characters and explore worlds of my own for hours on end through reading, writing, playing and, of course, sketching.

Some of my biggest inspirations as an artist include Bill Watterson, Norman Rockwell, Glen Keane, Charles Schultz and amazing authors like James Herriot and L.M. Montgomery who manage to paint pictures with their words.

I believe that every drawing has its own story. To read some of the stories behind my own work, check out my blog on the home page.

For more information about me and my art, check out my answers to Frequently Asked Questions. To contact me or to order a commission, check out my contact page.