I chose my 2017 tagline “designed to create” while creating a round of business cards, but the reason for this tagline choice plays closely into my creative manifesto, which consists of three points:

Each of these points could potentially be broken down into various individual components and opportunities; however, I want to break down the very last facet of my manifesto for this blog post. Perhaps I’ll reserve the other two points for another date. Until then, let’s talk a little about mutual encouragement in the art world and how my tagline plays into that.

First, let’s talk about what my tagline means to me.


This statement is encouraging in and of itself. If you are a spiritual individual, you might believe in a creative deity. Personally, I am convinced of the existence of a single creative Deity due largely to the visible creative beauty with which the universe as we know it functions. This beauty can be found in astronomical planet movement patterns or in the speckles on a beetle’s back. Making God the focal point of my creative manifesto, I am able to encourage other artists with the underlying mindset that every human being, every kitty cat, tree and bacterium has been designed by an ultimately creative and wise Being that is beyond the constraints of time and space. I interpret the outpouring of creative ability in an artistic human as much more than the result of chemical soup. I interpret it as a supernatural appointment.

I believe God is analytical, so the world has its analytical people

I believe God is creative, so the world has its creative people.

In my mind, there is nothing more encouraging to me in my art than the fact that I received my creative ability as a gift from the Creator God, who happens to be the main source of all creativity everywhere. Like a generator in a storm, God emits creative power to whomever he chooses.

I’m happy he chose to share some with me.

…to Create

Where the word “designed” has to do with function or purpose, this section has to do with destiny and ambition. The difference between purpose and destiny is that one is present — you will always have purpose — and the other is future — a destiny must be fulfilled.

For me, that destiny has always been to create. How can I be so sure? Well, I think everyone’s destiny is wrapped up in their personality, experiences and abilities if we just have the courage to try. After all, just look at what I’ve been able to accomplish since I started honing my artistic talents and expanding my skills. The evidence is spattered all over this website.


So why do I offer bi-weekly creative challenges on my blog? Because I believe that there are many people just like me out there who are designed to create, but sometimes they can’t quite get it out of their system. Like a copper wire that is covered in rubber, they have the creative power coursing through them, but don’t have an outlet. Or they are a creative live-wire, spitting frazzled creative shocks in the direction of every creative idea that comes to their mind: always dreaming, never really finishing anything creative that they start.

I have been on both a blocked current and a live-wire and understand that these people need creative direction in order to create to their highest ability. They need a goal or two, not necessarily a dramatic overwhelming objective, but something challenging enough to keep their creative energy plugged into a project. That project, when complete, will reap a finished product and boost the artist’s morale. The restraints involved with the creative challenges and informational posts on this site are meant to help any artist become a creative powerhouse by encouraging them on a daily basis to exercise their creativity on a focused product.

October 5, 2017

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